• Outside view
  • A variety of small plates

    A menu to delight every palate

    From samplers to fusion to authentic, we have a little bit of everything.

  • A variety of shochu and sake

    Shochu and Sake

    We carry a vast selection of both as well as beer and chu-hai cocktails

Kiraku Berkeley - japanese tapas
2566b telegraph ave berkeley ca 94704 - (510) 848-2758

Kiraku Berkeley is an izakaya dining experience.

We are located at 2566B Telegraph Ave in Berkeley, CA.

As we take pride in sourcing fresh local ingredients, our menu is constantly changing with new items and specials on a regular basis.

"Izakaya" Dining

If one were to analyze the Japanese mentality of the izakaya dining experience it would be to drink, order, eat, and repeat. In Japan it is common to order a glass (or pitcher) of draft beer upon seating, "toriaezu nama," and only then begin deciding what to eat. Often, diners will order slowly, choosing a few dishes at a time as to not overwhelm the appetite. The idea is to take the time to enjoy a variety of flavors and to create one's own perfect meal.